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About Heidi & Hope

We know the overwhelm that can come from trying to find the RIGHT person to trust with your pets. Take this opportunity to learn more about Heidi & Hope Pet Services and find out if our values and process are the best fit for you and your Naples pet family.


Some cool things about us:

We care for a wide variety of pets -- dogs, cats, small mammals, reptiles, birds, and farm animals.

We specialize in serving pets who are dealing with illnesses, special needs, or old age.

We have decades of experience, and can assist with medication administration, SQ fluids, and insulin.

Our pet care take place in your pet's home -- where they are most safe and comfy while you're away.

We're licensed, bonded, and insured. We value further education and certifications (see more below).


Meet the team!

Heidi L.

Throughout my childhood, the running joke was, “Where’s Heidi? She’s probably with the dogs.” In 4th grade, my family adopted our Welsh Corgi, Angel - the light of my life all the way into college. When she passed away, I was devastated. Luckily for me, 4 months later, we brought another Corgi into the family. I named her Hope because she was bringing hope to our family again. Thus...Heidi & Hope Pet Services!


My family would often vacation in Naples, where I volunteered and trained with the local animal shelter. Over the years, I have worked as a veterinary assistant as well as an animal care attendant at The Humane Society Naples, which gave me experience caring for animals that require extra patience and love. Once I began pet sitting, my passion for working one-on-one with animals came to life!


I feel lucky every day that I get to live and care for pets in the place I vacationed growing up, and am so excited to meet your pet next!

Owner and Pet Sitter


Amy J.

Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, and Groomer

Amy is originally from Ohio as well! She had many different pets growing up and as an adult, adopted her first dog, Julien, a Coton de Tulear. Having a long-haired dog required a lot of grooming, which sparked Amy’s interest in a career in professional pet grooming! She completed her AKC S.A.F.E. certification in pet grooming 10 years ago and became a mobile pet groomer in Ohio specializing in shy and senior pets.


In 2019, Amy, her husband, and her dogs, Beatrice and Quincy, moved to Naples. Amy works full time for Heidi & Hope as a dog walker, pet sitter, and certified house call pet groomer! She loves being able to work with pets in their home environment.

Amy is also Fear-Free Grooming Certified.


Gabriella A.

Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

Gabriella's journey as a pet sitter and dog walker is not just a job; it's a heartfelt mission. Growing up, her house was always full of furry companions with a menagerie of different personalities. These early experiences fostered a deep bond with dogs and cats that would shape her life.

Gabriella believes that every wagging tail and furry cuddle brings more joy into the world. Her commitment to the well-being of animals extends to her personal life, where she shares her home with an energetic German Shepard-Rottweiler mix named Cubby and an affectionate Tabby named Muffin.


Amy C.

Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

Amy moved to Naples from Philadelphia in 1989. Throughout her life, she always shared a home with at least one four-legged family member, often more, and is known for her deep passion for all animals.

Knowing the profound gift of having a pet by your side, Amy raised her two children to share that same love and care for all animals. She has devoted much time over the years to volunteering for the welfare of animals and fostering rescue pets. A true highlight was in 2006 when she fulfilled her dream to visit Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. She has also worked for the Humane Society as well as a number of kennels. She currently lives with her son and four-legged boy, Zed, and misses her daughter who moved to NYC.


Allison M.

Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

Allison is originally from New Jersey and moved to Naples in 1997. Growing up, she always had multiple animals, which carried into her adult life as well. She has cared for many cats, dogs, parrots, and bearded dragons!


She currently has 2 cats and 1 dog. Allison also enjoys being a stay at home mom and homeschooling her 12 year old daughter. She loves caring for a variety of pets and can't wait to meet your furry family members!


Want to join our team?

We'd love to hear from you! Please fill out our application below and email it over to

Memberships & Certifications


Heidi & Hope is insured through the Business Insurers of The Carolinas.


Heidi & Hope is AKC S.A.F.E. certified in pet grooming. 


Heidi & Hope is a member of Pet Sitter's International. View our profile.


Heidi is a founding board member for The Florida Pet Services Association.


Heidi & Hope is a member of International Professional Groomers, Inc.


Heidi & Hope is certified in Cat & Dog First Aid and CPR for your pet's safety.


Seas the day and book with Heidi & Hope!

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