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I know you have many options when it comes to pet care here in Naples, Florida. I also know the overwhelming feeling that can come from trying to find the RIGHT person to trust with your pets. So, take this opportunity to learn more about Heidi & Hope Pet Services, get to know me, and find out if my process works for you and your pet family.

As a pet care provider, it's important for me to know how to care for pets who are dealing with illnesses, special needs, or just plain old age. I have over 10 years of experience with pets, which includes veterinary training. This means I can properly administer medications, SQ fluids, and insulin shots. I also work with all different types of animals, not just dogs and cats! I've cared for small mammals, reptiles, birds, farm animals, and more.

ALL of my services are located in the comfort of your pet's own home. It's typically the place where your pet is able to feel safe, secure, and comfortable while you're away. I never charge for medication or multiple pets and my priority is always to make your pets feel oh so loved as if they were a member of my own family.


Heidi & Hope Pet Services Naples, Florida

I grew up in a small town near Columbus, Ohio. As a child, the running joke was always, “Where’s Heidi? She’s probably with the dogs.” In 4th grade, my family adopted our Welsh Corgi, Angel - the light of my life all the way into my junior year of college. When she passed away, I was devastated. Luckily for me, 4 months later, we brought another Corgi into the family. I named her Hope, because she was doing exactly that, bringing hope to our family. Thus...Heidi & Hope Pet Services!


Growing up, my family and I would vacation in Naples. On these vacations, I would volunteer with the local animal shelter, where I received a lot of my training with vaccinations, assisting with veterinary exams, blood draws, baths, cleaning, etc. After college, I worked as a veterinary assistant in a veterinary hospital. I also gained experience working at the Humane Society in Columbus, where I was able to work for extended periods of time with abused/abandoned animals to prepare them for adoption. Here I learned the level of patience and love I have for animals. I knew I had talent in the animal field, especially when it came to shy pets. 


My true passion came when I began pet sitting on the weekends. Pet sitting showed me the rewards of getting to work with animals one-on-one. I LOVE being the only one to care for people’s pets and being relied upon to do so. I finally made the full-time move to Naples in 2016, where I feel lucky every day getting to live in the place that I vacationed all the time growing up. I immediately got into pet sitting upon my move and the rest is history!



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“Heidi is one of the most dependable and respectful young ladies I have ever known. Her love of all animals is truly evident with her interactions with not only her babies, but my family’s babies. Just the mention of her name brings joy and excitement in them.”

- Michael W.

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Heidi & Hope Pet Services, LLC is insured through the Business Insurers of The Carolinas.

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Heidi & Hope Pet Services, LLC is certified in Cat & Dog First Aid and CPR.

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I'm a member of The Humane Society of the United States as well as a Humane Policy Volunteer Leader in my community.