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Services and Pricing

Below you'll find all of our services and pricing information. If you decide to move forward, check out The Booking Process and let us know if you ANY questions. Prior to beginning services with us, all new clients will have an initial consultation, which allows us to get to know you and your pets.

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Our pet care services are tailored to your pet's needs and routine. It's very important for us to keep your pet's stress levels down while you're away, which is why all pet sitting services are provided in the comfort of your pet's own home. Heidi & Hope's Pet Services is Naples' go-to dog walker and pet sitter (for ALL types of pets) and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Naples means SO much to us, which means as a Naples resident or guest, you do, too. 


Initial Consultations

Initial consultations are required prior to providing services. It's a wonderful opportunity for us to meet one another (you & your pet) so we can:

  • Establish your pet's needs and routine in your home

  • Gather client and pet information

  • Exchange keys if you decide to move forward

  • Get a chance to bond with your pet prior to the service


$30 - applied to first service


Short Pet Visits

Short pet visits are 30 minutes long and are perfect for cats, doggie potty breaks, and pets that require or prefer shorter walks or playtimes. 

It includes:

  • Replenishing your pet's food and water

  • A short walk and/or playtime

  • Medication administration

  • A visit report delivered to you following the service




Long Pet Visits

Long pet visits are 60 minutes long and are great for more active dogs or pets who need a little extra care and attention.

It includes:

  • Replenishing food and water

  • A longer walk and/or playtime

  • Services for multiple pets

  • Pet transportation

  • Basic training

  • A visit report delivered to you following the service




Vacation Visits

Vacation Visits include two to four short, long, or combination visits based on your pet's schedule while you are out of town.

Included with each visit:

  • Replenish food and water

  • Walks and/or playtime

  • Medication administration

  • House sitting: mail, watering plants, etc.

  • A visit report delivered to you following the service


$30 for 30-minute visit

$50 for 1-hour visit


Pet Transportation

Pet Transportation services are great for those who are busy or otherwise unable to take your pet to his appointments, whatever they may be.

It includes:

  • Shuttling your pet safely to and from grooming or veterinarian appointments, the dog park, or doggie daycare in the Naples area

  • A visit report delivered to you following the service


$50 per hour


Grooming Services

Our certified pet groomer, Amy, is available to groom your pet in own home. All you need is sink or tub to bathe your pet and she will take care of the rest!

It includes:

  • Bath, brush out, trim around eyes/paw pads, full body trim/shaping, and toenail trim

  • Basic grooming available. Includes everything above minus full body trim and shaping

  • Toenail trim only available

  • We have a pet weight limit of 40 lbs. or lighter

  • We perform maintenance grooming only – please no shave downs


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“I would definitely recommend Heidi to anyone looking for a reliable, friendly and trustworthy pet sitter!  She took great care of my fur babies while my husband and I were away. It's always a little stressful letting a stranger into your home but Heidi has earned my trust.”

- Paula R.

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