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Hurricane Pet Preparation for Naples, Florida Residents

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

The start of June means hurricane season is here! Unfortunately, hurricane season is here to stay until November. Are you and your pet prepared? We have gathered all of the important information on Hurricane Pet Preparation using the acronym PUGS, which helps us remember everything we need to be prepared as possible.

P - Preparing Evacuation Kits and Supplies

If you need to evacuate, you will need an EVAC Kit ready with all of your pets supplies. An EVAC Kit should include:

  • Extra leash, collar, harness with identification

  • At least a week’s worth of pet food, fresh water, and medication

  • Identification folder or binder with current photos

  • Extra set of disposable food and water bowls

  • Disposable litter pans for cats

  • Towels and blankets

  • Poop bags and litter

  • Copy of medical records

  • Soft or hard crate

U - Update Pet and Owner Information

It is important to make sure your pet’s information is up to date before a storm in case of emergency. This should include:

  • Identification tags on all pet collars and harnesses with address and phone number

  • Updated medical records with current medication and medical needs

  • Current photos of your pet with distinguished markings and traits

  • Updated microchip information

G - Get a Plan

If you stay in your home or decide to evacuate during a potential storm, you should have a plan for you and your pet. These plans should include:

  • Potty Plan - if you are staying in your home, purchase a kiddie pool and fill it with turf or pee pads so your dog does not have to go outside during a storm. Or you can purchase an actual pet “porch potty” from most pet stores.

  • If a State of Florida Emergency is Declared - all hotels in the state of Florida will take pets if you decide to evacuate.

  • Pet Friendly Evacuation Alternatives and Shelters - have numbers and addresses of emergency shelters who will accept pets as well as people. For shelter information in the state of Florida, click here:

S - Shelter and Safe Space

If you stay in your home or evacuate because of potential storm, you should have a reliable shelter and safe space for your pet. This includes:

  • Creating an area in the interior of your home for your pet with familiar bedding and blankets and away from windows and glass.

  • Checking on and comforting your pet frequently during the storm.

  • Taking familiar pet bedding and blankets with you as well as calming sprays if evacuating or relocating to a shelter.

Are you PUGS ready?

Although potential hurricanes can be scary, it helps to take the necessary steps and preparations before a potential storm to ensure the safety and wellbeing of you and your pets. Use PUGS this hurricane season to remember all of the important information on Hurricane Pet Preparation! For more information on hurricane preparedness in the state of Florida, click here:


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