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Ants and Your Pets

Hey Y’all! It’s ant season and we have heard from many of our clients at Heidi & Hope Pet Services who are having trouble with ants in their homes around their pets food bowls. Although ants can be bad all year around in Southwest Florida, they are especially bad during the rainy season, even in the cleanest of homes! It can be hard when you have a pet that’s a food grazer and needs food out most of the time or just having to clean their bowls several times a day. Here are 2 inexpensive things you can do to combat those pesky ants that don’t require toxic fumes or traps!

1) Get a New Food Bowl

Try changing your pets regular food bowl to a bowl that has a barrier around it or a raised dish to put water below the food. This will drown the ants before they can get to your pets food and keeps the food dry. You can also put a plate or bowl of water underneath their current bowl to avoid ants gathering as a temporary and no cost option, but can sometimes deter pets from eating. The SUHEEUS bowl is perfect for pets who food graze or eat wet food, which can attract ants. The bowl is available on Amazon as a 2 pack option for less than $20 as well as many other pet food bowl options. Find it here.

2) Use Natural Ant Spray

Try using a natural insect or pest spray to deter ants and other bugs around your home. This is a safe and non toxic option. Natural sprays are often made with essential oils, which make it safe to use in your home around your family and furry family members! The essential oils also work great to deter ants with the powerful scent without using chemicals. Non toxic sprays are also a better option than poisonous ant traps, since our pets can get ahold of them if they are on the floor or countertops. Plus it smells amazing! The Mighty Mint brand is one of our favorites to use around the house and is a 100% plant based spray. It is available to purchase on Amazon for $10! Find it here.

Ants Be Gone!

We hope these 2 tips and tricks help deter any pesky ants around your home and pets food bowls. We always want the best for our furry friends - including an ant free meal! Have another tip or trick you use to combat ants in your home? Let us know and email us: or visit our Website.


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