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Summer Pet Grooming Tips

Summer is definitely here, which means hotter temperatures, humidity, and steamy pavements for our furry family members. If you live in Southwest Florida, it is pretty much summer all year round! Many pet owners think shaving their pets will help them beat the heat. But, that is not necessarily true! Check out these 4 pet grooming tips to help keep your pets cool and safe this summer.

1) Keep Your Pet on a Grooming Schedule

Keeping your pet on a regular grooming schedule with a certified pet groomer is important, especially during the summer! This can avoid matted and knotted fur, which can trap heat and make our furry friends even hotter. Making sure our pets are clean can also help with skin issues and build up of dirt, grass, etc.

2) Do NOT Shave Down Your Pet

A shave down, also known as a “summer cut”, can actually cause more harm than good for our pets. Just like how our dog’s coats keep them warm and insulated during the winter, it also keeps them cooler in the summer. Double-coated breeds such as Huskies, Corgi’s, Labs, etc. should never be shaved unless directed to do so by a pet professional. Complete shave downs also make our pup’s more at risk of sunburn, especially our single-layered coat friends like Poodle’s, Labradoodle’s, Yorkies, etc.

3) Brush Regularly

Brushing your pet regularly helps remove the undercoat not needed from the winter or cooler months, which was there to keep them warm. Brushing consistently also helps thin our their coat to allow for proper airflow along their skin, but does not eliminate their natural skin protection from the sun as shaving would. It also prevents matting, knots, and tangles.

4) Protect Your Pets Paws

Asphalt, sand, and even dirt can get very hot after the sun has been beating down on it all day. This can cause serious damage to our pup’s little paws when they are outdoors. Always checking the ground before going outside with your dog can help prevent blisters and severe burns. If you put the back of your hand on the ground for 5-7 seconds and it is too hot for you, then it is too hot for your pet! Looking for grassy or shaded areas when walking or picking up your pet to avoid asphalt are all great ways to protect their paws. You can even try doggy boots if this is something your pup would tolerate!

Fun in the Sun!

We all want a fun and safe summer for our furry family members! Which is why keeping our pets on a regular grooming schedule, avoiding shave downs, regularly brushing, and protecting their paws are all great tips to not only keep our pets cool this summer, but safe as well. Do you live in the Naples, Florida area and need grooming for your pets? Heidi & Hope Pet Services offers in-home grooming services and would be happy to help you and your pet. Visit our website below to find out more!


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